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Internal Standard Kits for ICP-OES

Internal Standard Kits for ICP-OES

ICP-OES internal standard kits include the components required to enable online addition of your selected ICP-OES internal standards during analysis, to enhance long term stability, precision and accuracy. Internal standards kits provide the right tools to avoid the need to manually add the internal standard to each sample or standard during sample preparation, enhancing productivity.

Agilent ICP-OES internal standard kits include PVC peristaltic pump tubing, UniFit sample inlet connectors for the nebulizer, five Y pieces to merge the sample and internal standard flows, and connecting tubing. It is suitable for use with all sample types including aqueous, high TDS, or organic samples.

ICP-OES internal standards can correct for instrument drift, variations in sample introduction efficiency, and sample matrix effects, improving precision and accuracy of analysis.

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