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Nebulizers & Supplies for PerkinElmer ICP-MS Instruments

Nebulizers & Supplies for PerkinElmer ICP-MS Instruments

Agilent nebulizers and supplies are equivalent to the PerkinElmer ICP-MS versions. These parts provide the best precision and reduced interferences, so you can use them with complete confidence. They come complete with the PE gas and liquid connectors for use right out of the box.

The GemClean Cross-Flow II with GemTips is optimized for ICP-MS (0.009 and 0.013 inch orifices) and specially manufactured and cleaned for ultratrace analysis. Alternatively, the MicroMist, micro-uptake nebulizer delivers high performance for small sample volumes. OpalMist PFA, with uptake at 0.4 mL/min, is designed for high-precision analyses requiring high chemical resistance to HF.

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