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Gas Tubing for ICP-MS

Gas Tubing for ICP-MS

Agilent ICP-MS gas tubing is used to introduce the carrier, make-up, dilution, or cell gases to the sample introduction system or the ORS reaction cell. Replacement PTFE ICP gas tubing, sleeves and connectors are available so you can ensure a gas tight and leak free supply of gases for your application.

Our portfolio of ICP-MS argon tubing, auxiliary gas tubing, plasma gas tubing is customized for Agilent ICP-MS systems. High purity PTFE and stainless-steel tubing and Easy-fit connections complete the gas plumbing for your instrument. These low out-gassing materials ensure low backgrounds and minimizes any potential for contamination. Use Agilent ICP-MS gas tubing together with your Agilent ICP-MS instruments to deliver the highest performance and operational efficiency.

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