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ICP-MS MassHunter Software

ICP-MS MassHunter Software Dashboard

ICP-MS MassHunter Software

Agilent ICP-MS MassHunter Workstation instrument control and data analysis software manages all aspects of setup, operation and maintenance of Agilent ICP-MS and ICP-QQQ instruments and accessories. ICP-MS MassHunter is packed with all the features you need for both ICP-MS software, for the 7700, 7800, 7850, 7900 ICP-MS, and ICP-QQQ software, for the 8800 & 8900 ICP-QQQ.

Further updates to the interface streamline workflows even more. Smart features help you optimize instrument maintenance and let you know more about your samples giving you unprecedented insight into samples and instrument health. Learn more about how the new ICP-MS MassHunter can transform your ICP-MS workflow.

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