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Inert PFA Sample Introduction Kits for ICP-MS

Inert PFA Sample Introduction Kits for ICP-MS

Inert sample introduction systems for the Agilent ICP-MS enable analysis of samples containing hydrofluoric (HF) acid. This kit replaces the standard quartz sample introduction parts, which are attacked and degraded by the free HF, with PFA components suitable for the analysis of high purity samples

These inert kits conveniently include the correct torch, injector, spray chamber and tubing required to run HF digests and low-level Boron and Silicon using the Agilent ICP-MS. The kit includes a PFA double pass Scott-type spray chamber, connecting tube and injector holder, fitted to a semi-demountable quartz torch. An inert sapphire or platinum injector for the torch is also included.

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