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Advanced Dilution System ADS 2

Agilent ADS 2 Autodilutor

Advanced Dilution System ADS 2

The Agilent Advanced Dilution System 2 (ADS 2) is an integrated auto dilution system. The ADS 2 can simplify your laboratory workflow by automating several laborious and error-prone tasks, such as preparing calibration standards, diluting samples before analysis, and preparing reactive dilutions for over-range samples and QC solution failures. Automating these tasks frees up analyst time, removes the risk of human error, and improves sample throughput.

The ADS 2 is designed to work seamlessly with Agilent ICP-OES and ICP-MS spectrometers and is fully integrated into the ICP Expert and ICP-MS MassHunter instrument control software, giving you complete control. Designed with productivity and simplicity in mind, discover how the ADS 2 could transform your laboratory workflows.

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