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Multiple Affinity Removal System Reagents & Starter Kits

Multiple Affinity Removal System Reagents and Starter Kits

The LC Column and Spin Cartridge Reagents and Starter Kits incorporate all the supplies required for use with the Multiple Affinity Removal System. Use of the buffers included in this kit provide optimal conditions for column longevity and sample reproducibility.

The Starter kits include loading and elution buffer for approximately:
•200 sample depletions using the 4.6 x 50 mm LC columns
•100 sample depletions using the 4.6 x 100 mm LC columns
•200 spin cartridge uses

The loading buffer minimizes protein-protein interactions, allowing low-abundance proteins to pass through the column and enabling the targeted high-abundance proteins to bind to their associated antibodies. The elution buffer disrupts the antibody-protein interaction, eluting the high-abundance proteins off the column.

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