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Multiple Affinity Removal Spin Column Cleanup and Concentrators

Cleanup and Concentrators

Designed for use with Multiple Affinity Removal Spin Columns and Cartridges, Agilent offers solutions for sample cleanup and concentration such as spin concentrators, pipette tips, and spin filters. Spin concentrators are used to concentrate protein samples via low-speed centrifugation in either swing-bucket or fixed-angle rotor centrifuges.

Peptide Cleanup Pipette Tips are packed with ZORBAX SB-C18 silica used for purification and concentration of peptides, protein digests, proteins, or oligonucleotide samples by pipetting sample through the tip. Designed to be used with standard benchtop microcentrifuges, Spin Filters can be used to remove particulate matter from samples such as serum, plasma, or protein samples diluted in aqueous buffers.

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