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Perfect Match PCR Enhancer - Details & Specifications

Perfect Match PCR enhancer is an additive that increases the specificity and yield of primary PCR amplification products. When added to genomic in vitro amplification reactions, Perfect Match PCR enhancer destabilizes many mismatched primer-template complexes that would otherwise result in a heterogeneous population of amplified molecules (Figure 1). Perfect Match PCR enhancer is an effective solution for the problem of PCR artifacts generated by false priming by removing secondary structure for reactions present within the target sequence.

The benefits derived from Perfect Match PCR enhancer are dependent on the degree of primer-template homology. For example, primer-template complexes that contain substantial mismatched nucleotides at or near the 3´ terminus of the primer are destabilized by Perfect Match PCR enhancer and will not generate amplified products. However, most perfect or near-perfect primer-template complexes or primers with regions of nonhomology at the 5´ terminus produce equal or greater amounts of amplified product when using Perfect Match PCR enhancer. Templates between 2000 and 5000 bp may also be successfully amplified using Perfect Match PCR enhancer.

Figure 1: Amplification Reactions Improved with Perfect Match PCR Enhancer

Trangenic mouse genomic DNA template amplified using the standard PCR protocol in the absence or presence of 1 U of Perfect Match PCR enhancer.


Optimization of Perfect Match PCR Enhancer

In-house studies indicate that Perfect Match PCR enhancer increases primer extension reaction product specificity in genomic and plasmid DNA amplifications. Excellent product yield may be obtained by optimizing the ratio of Perfect Match PCR enhancer to DNA template.

• For plasmid templates, use 1 U of Perfect Match PCR Enhander/µg of DNA template

Note: Linearized plasmid DNA works better than supercoiled DNA. Carrier genomic DNA may improve plasmid primer extension reaction amplifications.

• For genomic templates and templates >2000bp, use 1 U of Perfect Match PCR Enhancer/100 ng of DNA template

Primer Specifications

When using Perfect Match PCR enhancer in genomic amplification reactions, primers >16 mers are recommended. If using primers <17 mers, the annealing temperature should be reduced.

Perfect Match PCR enhancer can work with nested primers and degenerate primer extension, if the desired product molecules have substantial complementarity with the 3´-terminal nucleotides of the primers.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures