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Access Agilent eNewsletter July 2015

Agilent offers quality educational programs and materials to the academic community

By Mike Hagmaier
Agilent Global Marketing Programs Manager

Agilent has a strong commitment to the academic community around the world. We know that it requires a lot of work, time, and money to keep educational labs running and teaching materials fresh. That is why we are proud to provide tailored programs and resources to address those challenges. Agilent is uniquely positioned to supply innovative technology for research and reliable solutions to multi-user environments. Agilent’s dedicated Academia Programs and tools are excellent resources for teachers to prepare their students to drive the future of science.

Figure 1. Starting up your new lab with an Agilent Academia Representative is easy.

New Professor Program – a strong foundation for the next generation of scientific research

Research conducted in academic institutions has the greatest influence in driving the future of science. The Agilent New Professor Program provides a warm welcome and continuous support for newly appointed professors around the world. The program contributes to building a strong foundation for the next generation of scientific researchers, giving professors access to best-in-class enabling technologies, affordable solutions from a trusted partner, and the opportunity to develop scientific partnerships for long-term success.

Simply contact us when you move into a new position, and Agilent’s globally deployed Academia Representatives will visit and help you start up your new lab (Figure1).

Tomorrow’s Scientists Program – quality materials to strengthen your curricula

Figure 2. Today’s students represent tomorrow’s scientists, and the future of scientific discovery.

Agilent’s Tomorrow’s Scientists Program provides teaching staff with high quality educational presentations, images, technical videos for lectures, lab wall posters and primers and an overview of Agilent’s products. These are free materials that you can use today to develop and conduct successful educational programs (Figure 2). Agilent teaching resources are available in all major languages – with concentrations in the areas of chromatography, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, and electrophoresis.

Supplementary educational materials are added on a regular basis, so be sure to bookmark Agilent’s Teaching Resources webpage.

Economical Solutions – Get affordable, industry-leading technologies in your classroom courses

Get reliable, industry-leading technologies into your lab and classroom by planning your investment around Agilent quality instrument solutions. Learn more about our Easy Choice special offers, Premium Refurbished Instruments, and demo instruments – offering the best options for any challenging budget.

Academia UPDATE – be the first to know

Stay up to date with Agilent’s academic activities and programs by registering for our quarterly ACADEMIA UPDATE email. ACADEMIA UPDATE will provide you with information and tools relevant to your research interests. Inside each email you will receive the latest news on Agilent’s academic activities, breakthrough research, new applications, events, and special offers for the academic community.

Agilent proudly sponsors CHROMacademy – by offering five years of free access

As a special offer to all university students and staff, Agilent is providing five years of free access to CHROMacademy – the world’s largest e-Learning website for analytical scientists. CHROMacademy is packed with practical information to help students improve their scientific skills and understanding of the fascinating world of liquid and gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and more. The CHROMacademy website offers eLearning modules, application notes, webcasts, quick guides, troubleshooting tips, and much more.

University Relations – strengthening the future of scientific discovery

Agilent takes an active role in supporting higher education and research around the world. Visit the Agilent for Universities page on our website and discover an index of high-interest content for faculty, students and staff. There you will have access to information on our latest research collaborations, research tools, support for education, recruiting of top university talent, and philanthropy.

Agilent and Academia – building better science together

Agilent’s collaborative spirit is exemplified by our track record of successful partnerships that meet the challenging and changing needs of scientists and researchers around the world. In our commitment to build better science that crosses both international borders and scientific disciplines, we continually strive to help researchers build momentum with their research and gain greater recognition in their fields. Visit the Agilent Academia Solutions page today to see all that Agilent offers for the academic community.