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Tip: Find virtually any scientific article related to dissolution from the Agilent Dissolution Exchange Research Portal

By Amanda MacDowell
Agilent Marketing Program Manager

All of us are under pressure to keep up with a constant flow of industry news, academic research, and available data. We bookmark a wide array of search tools and publication sites and then sift through them, spending more time than we can afford to find the important information we need. But even when we are diligent about searching for industry-related data, we can still miss new and critical information.

Figure 1. Research Portal on Agilent Dissolution Exchange.


Figure 2. Dissolution Exchange home page.

Your scientific exploration efforts are about to get a whole lot easier and more effective because the Agilent Dissolution Exchange site now offers you access to the Research Portal – a free search tool to help you efficiently manage all your dissolution scientific research in one convenient location.

This new Research Portal provides access to hundreds of thousands of articles available from trade journals, published papers, and other reputable sources (Figure 1) – and allows you to search by topic, author, or specific peer-reviewed publication. Your search returns provide you with the article title, authors, and name of the publication, including a link to view the article abstract. Free publications are available for download in a PDF format and a paid download option is available for those articles that require purchase. If your affiliated institution has a paid subscription to a publication found in your search, it can be used to access the article.

Interested in articles recently published? Take a look at the Recent Publications feed on the Agilent Dissolution Exchange homepage, just below the Research Portal search box. New articles are added every day, and Agilent will provide links to those we believe are of greatest interest to you. Here is a sampling of the articles that have appeared on the Recent Publications feed:

The Agilent Dissolution Exchange Research Portal combined with the Recent Publications feed makes keeping up with the latest in our industry easier than you thought possible. This one-stop all access portal is brought to you through our special partnership with the scientific search engine, PubGet, a wholly owned subsidiary of Copyright Clearance Center. Arguably the best scientific search engine in the world, it retrieves article citations and full-text PDFs from PubMed, ArXiv, Karger, American Society for Microbiology, IEEE, RSS feeds, XML from publishers, and Open Archive sources. PubGet’s database contains over 28 million scientific documents and adds 10,000 white papers each day. Users are directly linked from an article citation to the full-text white paper through the continuously updated database.

PubGet is transforming the way scientists search for and receive the up-to-date information so necessary to meeting the challenges we face every day. Now you can access this powerful tool directly from the Agilent Dissolution Exchange site (Figure 2), at no cost to you, simply by entering your search information into the Research Portal. Why not give it a try the next time you are looking for information. We think the results will amaze you.

Figure 2.

Dissolution Exchange home page.