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New Agilent ProPulse System is the ideal platform for shared nuclear magnetic resonance facilities

By Thomas Gottschalk
Agilent NMR, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

In shared Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) facilities, system administrators need to configure the spectrometer’s software to support each user’s individual needs, preferences, and skill levels. Agilent VnmrJ 4.1 software provides convenient and streamlined access for each user, so instrument time is used most efficiently. It also helps ensure that settings and use of the instrument conform to facility policies and requirements, including GMP or regulatory requirements.

Figure 1. Agilent ProPulse NMR System.

The new Agilent ProPulse NMR System (Figure 1) combines robust NMR hardware with our easy-to-use VnmrJ 4.1 software in a complete solution designed for shared labs and academic environments. ProPulse provides a range of new features that assist laboratories handling shared applications across a diverse range of users and samples. Agilent hardware and software quality standards deliver maximized uptime and provide confidence in a system that is delivered quickly to your lab and ready to acquire high quality spectra.

Effortless system administration

The ProPulse system comes with intuitive Agilent VnmrJ software. VnmrJ’s tailored interface with the Persona Manager tool makes it simple for system administrators to enable users of all skill levels to access parameter panels and functions that suit their needs and expertise. Advanced Agilent automation does the rest and delivers beautiful spectra with exceptionally flat baselines, all while protecting the system from any unintended use.

The Agilent VeriPulse toolkit, part of VnmrJ 4.1 software and new with ProPulse, regularly tests and optimizes the system. VeriPulse eliminates the need for manual system checks and adjustments, ensuring reproducible and reliable results.

Agilent ProPulse system hardware is easy to install at your site, with a small footprint, streamlined cabling, and standard power cabling that connects into your laboratory’s existing power source.


Figure 2. Agilent VnmrJ’s Persona Manager utility enables system administrators to tailor VnmrJ software for each user.

The right platform for a diverse set of users and liquid samples

The Agilent ProPulse system minimizes your workload and cost of ownership, while maximizing each user’s level of comfort throughout the learning process. ProPulse covers an extensive range of experimental options to satisfy the most diverse set of users. Reliable automation maximizes productivity and uptime, eliminates manual tuning and shimming, and the risk of unintended use. Adaptive NMR ensures all measurements produce useful results every time.

Agilent VnmrJ Persona Manager gives each user the right tools for their unique goals and skill level (Figure 2). Getting reliable results requires minimal training: individual samples or batches can be submitted with just a few mouse clicks. Context-sensitive help is there when you need it.

Well-suited for training and academia research applications

ProPulse makes it possible to perform basic NMR experiments with minimal training. It also allows for smooth extensions of experiments from 1D 1H to 1H-13C to the most complex multidimensional bio applications. Learning real NMR software is accomplished as easily as learning basic software skills:


Figure 3. Agilent ProPulse enables users to set up quick submission experiments (left) and easily perform complex NMR experiments (right) with VnmrJ software.

  • A unified platform for all application needs in teaching and research
  • Adapts in-line with expansion of individual knowledge levels
  • No need to learn and support separate software for novice and expert users

Agilent ProPulse easily performs the latest and most complex applications (Figure 3) with a comprehensive, frequently updated library of NMR experiments, including:

  • Band-selective and PureShift
  • BioPack and BioPack Express which automate the most widely used BioNMR experiments
  • Non-uniform sampling (NUS)
  • Diffusion ordered spectroscopy (DOSY)

Agilent ProPulse – bringing the power of NMR to researchers at all skill levels

The new Agilent ProPulse NMR System provides powerful benefits to researchers of all types and skill levels:

  • Unrivaled tools for administration: Easy to use, flexible, and ideal for supporting a range of users from teaching to BioNMR
  • Ideal for teaching: Get reliable results with only minimal training
  • Easy maintenance: Agilent VeriPulse software automatically keeps the system optimized and validates it
  • Easy siting: Ultra-compact footprint, streamlined hardware, and standard power requirements

Agilent is committed to improving the entire NMR user experience. See how Agilent brings true ease-of-use to high-performance NMR in this video overview of the Agilent ProPulse NMR System. Discover for yourself the complete line of Agilent NMR solutions that can be used to analyze both small- and large-molecule compounds in research and industrial applications.

Figure 2.

Agilent VnmrJ’s Persona Manager utility enables system administrators to tailor VnmrJ software for each user.

Figure 3.

Agilent ProPulse enables users to set up quick submission experiments (left) and easily perform complex NMR experiments (right) with VnmrJ software.