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Access Agilent eNewsletter, April 2014

Confidence not compromise from the trusted source for your lab

By Lisa Lloyd
Agilent Chemistries and Supplies

Let’s face it, maintaining expensive lab equipment is a big responsibility. Your lab probably contains multiple instruments from diverse manufacturers that all need to be maintained. Think of the time you spend searching through vendor catalogs and web sites, as well as filling out multiple forms and placing phone calls that may not even get returned – just to stay on top of your parts ordering responsibilities. Wouldn't it be easier and simpler to order parts for all of your equipment through a dependable supplier with a solid track record for quality and service?

That ease and simplicity are now a reality. Agilent makes parts and supplies for the major brands of instruments found in your lab:

Figure 1. Comprehensive supplies for all the major instruments found in your lab.

  1. The Agilent CrossLab portfolio of GC, HPLC, and electrochemistry parts and supplies are available for Bruker/Varian, CTC, Thermo/Dionex, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, and Waters’ instruments. They are guaranteed to be fully compatible with the equipment for which they are specified.
  2. As an Agilent customer, you’ve come to expect the highest quality and best service. Be assured that Agilent’s reputation for excellence applies to our entire portfolio, including our CrossLab line. Our global logistics network ensures prompt delivery to your lab, worldwide.

We understand that you may be wary of switching or consolidating suppliers, but now Agilent has introduced a Stand Behind Warranty for risk-free purchases. In the unlikely event of a problem, we guarantee:

  • 90-day refund on supplies
  • A technical support consultation
  • Free instrument repair or service if required

And remember, you will be making purchasing decisions with confidence when you order directly through Agilent. Our CrossLab supplies are backed by a Declaration of Performance. This declaration defines the quality commitment of the Agilent CrossLab product family and guarantees full compatibility with the equipment for which it is specified. Agilent operates under a Quality Management System registered to ISO 9001:2008 and places the highest emphasis on product quality and customer satisfaction. To further demonstrate the confidence we have placed in the CrossLab portfolio, our own Agilent Services division chooses CrossLab parts and supplies to service all major instrument brands for their customers.

Don’t compromise. Learn more about how the Agilent CrossLab portfolio and our Stand Behind Warranty can simplify your ordering process. And to help you identify the right product with confidence, check out the Agilent CrossLab online selection tool today.