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Manfred Donike Award

Agilent Technologies

Two Rio de Janeiro scientists receive the 2017 Manfred Donike Award for Doping Control Research

Agilent Technologies has presented its 2017 Manfred Donike Award to Dr. Viniciu Sardela and Dr. Luciana Pizzatti, both from the Anti-Doping Control Lab in Rio de Janeiro.

This prestigious award is given to scientists who epitomize the spirit and leadership of anti-doping research pioneer, Manfred Donike. Both Sardela and Pizzatti were honored during an Agilent-sponsored Gala dinner in Cologne, attended by more than 140 delegates representing over 30 countries. Each recipient received a certificate and cash prize.

Bernhard Wuest, Agilent Global Marketing Manager of Sports Doping/Sports Medicine, sums up the importance of the annual gathering: “It is at this event that anti-doping labs from around the world share their analytical results and new method developments while at the same time, taking part in in-depth discussions regarding potential new doping agents.”

Dr. Sardela received his Best Presentation award by demonstrating how zebrafish can help identify metabolites that are critical to detecting drug abuse in sports. These findings are significant, because ethical barriers to drug exposure testing require scientists to find new ways of identifying metabolites.

Dr. Pizzatti earned her Best Poster nod by exhibiting a Gene Doping method for Erythropoietin (EPO) complementary DNA detection. This method will help labs achieve better, more sensitive confirmation of positive EPO samples.

Agilent Technologies: A key player in Sports Doping Control

For nearly 40 years, Agilent has developed innovative analytical instruments and methods for sports doping testing. In 1972, Agilent supplied analytical instrumentation at the Olympic Games in Munich, Germany—the first Olympics in which drug testing was required.

Since then, Agilent has played a major drug-testing role in subsequent Olympic Games, as well as events such as the World Cup, Tour de France, and Pan American Games.

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Dr. Viniciu Sardela receives an award check from Simon Donike, grandson of Manfred Donike. Also pictured: Wilhelm Schänzer, Director of the Doping Lab in Cologne (far right) and Bernhard Wuest, Agilent’s Global Marketing Manager of Sports Doping/Sports Medicine (far left).

Dr. Francisco Radler, Director of the Doping Lab in Rio de Janeiro, accepts the award on behalf of Dr. Luciana Pizzatti.