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HaloPlex Custom Kits - Details & Specifications

HaloPlex™ Target Enrichment System enables fast, simple and efficient analysis of genomic regions of interest in a large number of samples. Custom designs, for panels containing thousand of exons, are easily created with SureDesign. By combining single-tube target amplification and removing the need for library preparation, the total sample preparation time and cost is reduced without the need for dedicated instrumentation or automation. The availability of 96 indexes and compatibility with different desktop sequencing and high-throughput platforms provide you the flexibility you need to run your experiments. Finally, the assay has premium performance, with high specificity, uniformity and variant detection.

HaloPlex - Performance

HaloPlex technology combines the robustness of hybridization, which allows flexibility in number of target regions, with the high specificity and speed of PCR. It provides premium performance, with great specificity, uniformity and high sensitivity for variant calling.

Premium performance obtained for several design sizes

Great coverage for contiguous or exonic regions


HaloPlex delivers high specificity, uniformity, and sequencing coverage for any design size, and across all target regions. (A) Enrichment of all exons within the CFTR gene, for 5 different samples. (B) Contiguous and highly repetitive region (~160kb) enriched with HaloPlex.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures