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Frequently Asked Questions about the integration of Dako into Agilent

Agilent Technologies, a global leader in life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets, acquired Dako in 2012. Since then, Agilent has operated Dako as a subsidiary. Though headquartered in Denmark, Dako maintained a number of sales subsidiaries world-wide. To complete the integration, every Dako sales subsidiary was merged into its respective Agilent sales subsidiary, and now only the Agilent entities remain. Dako products are now available only through Agilent, and customers should now conduct business with Agilent. The FAQ below provide additional information.

Agilent purchased Dako in 2012, so why has this integration occurred now

Integration is a complex process requiring work in many areas. Most of the integration work has been behind the scenes. Now we have completed the part that’s visible to customers. We think you will benefit by having access to all of Agilent’s portfolio of products.

How do I contact Agilent about Dako products?

All contact details are available on the Contact Us via your country selection.

Did Dako emails change?

Yes, Dako email addresses changed to Agilent email addresses. For example: is now You may continue to use the Dako email which will forward to the new Agilent email, but we recommend you update your records to reflect the new Agilent email address.

Will my Dako sales and service contacts change?

No, you will continue to work with the same contacts as you do now.

I have a current quote, is it still valid?

Yes, all current quotes will be honored through their expiration date.

If I have an open order with Dako on November 1, 2016, will Dako or Agilent fulfill this order?

All open orders as of November 1, 2016 will be fulfilled by Agilent Technologies. Please ensure that your receiving department is prepared to receive the shipment from Agilent Technologies and that your Accounts Payable department is prepared to receive and pay the Agilent invoice referencing your purchase order that was originally issued to Dako.

What will happen to existing purchase agreements of Dako?

If you have a valid PPS, discount or other type of purchase agreement with Dako, our Contracts team has contacted you regarding assignment of the agreement to Agilent effective November 1.  Agilent is committed to creating a seamless transition and honoring Dako’s existing contractual commitments.

What will happen to my Service Agreement?

Agilent will honor the terms and coverage of post-sales service agreements (Standard or Custom Agreements) performed today by Dako’s service and support organization. All information on these agreements have transferred from Dako to Agilent by November 1, 2016. Service agreements will be rebranded as "Agilent CrossLab Diagnostic" services. Agilent is committed to continuing to deliver the excellent service and support you expect.

Will there be any change to my product warranty?

Agilent will honor the terms and coverage of Dako factory warranties & extended warranties. All warranty transactions and all information on these agreements have transferred from Dako to Agilent on November 1, 2016.

Will order payments still be made to Dako?

If you have an invoice from Dako for a recent order, you should make the payment to Dako per the instructions on that invoice.  As of November 1st, new orders will be fulfilled by Agilent, and invoices will be sent from Agilent with remittance instructions on the invoice.

I am a customer who has already set up with Agilent as a vendor.  Do I need to do or change anything?

No, if you have already set Agilent up as a vendor in your country, you do not need to do anything.

What will happen to the website?

After November 1st you will find Dako products in the Products and Buy menus on  Select “Pathology (Dako)” under the Products menu.

Can I use my existing Dako credentials to log into

Your user name will be your current email ID as registered on Please click on “Forgot my password” to reset your password the first time you log into  If you are already registered on, continue to use your credentials. Agilent will work with you to ensure that all your existing purchases on are transitioned over.

Will I continue to receive Dako emails / notifications?

Customers who had an account on the website should have received information on the transition. If you are a subscriber to the Dako eNewsletter, you will continue to receive newsletters with information about Dako products. In addition, on you can select product areas that you would like notification on. These include Immunohistochemistry, Flow Cytometry, Specific Proteins, H&E, Molecular Pathology and Special Stains as well as the entire portfolio of Agilent Analytical and Life Sciences products.

Does Agilent maintain appropriate quality certifications?

Agilent maintains a number of registrations in support of our quality programs. These vary by business across our portfolio of products.  For more information, please visit:

Where can I find Agilent’s Privacy Statement?

The Agilent Privacy Statement is available as a link at the bottom of every Agilent web page, and at this link:

What will happen to the Dako products? Will there be any changes to the Dako product portfolio that I know and trust?

Dako products you know and trust will not change, and products will continue to carry the Dako logo and product registrations. The Dako portfolio will become a sub-brand of Agilent, "Agilent Pathology Solutions". Flow Cytometry and Specific Proteins products will be branded “Agilent Reagent Solutions”. Dako services will be rebranded as "Agilent CrossLab Diagnostic" services.

What benefits can I as a customer expect to see as a result of this integration?

Customers can expect better access to Agilent’s broad portfolio of products, delivered by a unified global team that provides trusted answers to customers’ scientific and productivity issues.

I am familiar with Agilent Technologies, but how can I find out more about what makes Agilent the premier laboratory partner for a better world?

Every day Agilent partners with customers in more than 100 countries to help create a better world, providing instruments, software, services, and consumables for the entire laboratory workflow. A sampling of stories, featured content and the Agilent blog highlight some examples.