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Download Software - SureCycler 8800

This software is the user interface software that controls the SureCycler 8800 thermal cycler. This software is usable only with the Agilent SureCycler 8800 (G8800A). It will not function with earlier thermal cyclers.

Download Instructions

Download and unzip Software (ZIP, 17 Mb)

Follow these steps (as outlined in the Software Updates section of the user manual)

  1. Save the files to a USB memory stick.
  2. Login to one of the cycler's user accounts that has Administrator access.
  3. From the Home screen, press Settings and then press Software Update.
  4. Insert the USB memory stick into either of the USB ports on the front of the cycler.
  5. Press Browse to open a browser that allows you to navigate to the folder containing the software files. Select the appropriate folder and press OK to return to the Software Update Screen.
  6. Press Update. If the instrument does not detect any software files in the selected folder, the Update button will be unavailable.
  7. The cycler will begin downloading the files. When all files are downloaded, the cycler will automatically reboot.
  8. Once the reboot begins, remove the USB memory stick from the cycler.
  9. When the reboot is complete, you may return to the Software Update screen to confirm the new version of the software is running.

If you have trouble installing your software update, you can contact technical support for assistance.

SureCycler 8800

v 1.4

User Manual