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Download Software - SureCall

Follow the links below to download SureCall and a free-of-charge six-month license. In order to use SureCall to analyze unaligned sequencing files, you must download and install the sequence alignment tools provided. SureCall will automatically connect to the alignment tools.

Download Instructions
  1. Review the System Requirements, Installation Guide and Release Notes.
  2. Download the SureCall software, sequence alignment tools and demo data.
  3. Install the software and the sequence alignment tools - record Host Name provided.
  4. Download free-of-charge 6-month license and activate with software Host Name
Download Needed Sequence Aligners
Download Other Resources

The source code for the Windows version of BWA is available though not needed to run SureCall.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures

Windows 64-bit Installer


Installation Guide

Mac OS Installer


Installation Guide
Note: This is an older installer.
SureCall v4.0 is not supported on any
Mac operating systems.