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DakoLink Staining Management Software

Staining management software for a new level of lab control and insight.

  • Minimizes errors to improve patient safety and efficiency
  • Reduces hands-on time to improve efficiency
  • Easily provides slide handling information to meet quality and regulatory requirements

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DakoLink Connects your DakoLink instruments

DakoLink staining management software connects all of your DakoLink instruments and allows you to easily manage instruments, slides, reagents and protocols.

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Designed to meet the challenges of the lab

Today’s pathology laboratories are faced with a unique set of challenges such as ensuring patient safety, improving efficiency and meeting quality and regulatory requirements.

DakoLink is designed to meet these challenges.

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Minimize errors with DakoLink

DakoLink LAN/WAN seats are remotely placed computers installed with DakoLink. This enables remote access to DakoLink, from other parts of the building or even from anywhere in the world, enabling the pathologist to request tests digitally. The request is received in real time on the DakoLink workstation in the lab.

DakoLink can also integrate with your Laboratory Information System (LIS). Data information entered into your LIS will appear in DakoLink™ in real time, so the pathologist can enter test requests via LIS in his/her office.

With DakoLink LAN/WAN seats or LIS integration, there is no longer a need for hand-written test requests, reducing the risk of transcription errors.

Integrating DakoLink with LIS also eliminates the need for double order entry, reducing the risk of errors and freeing up time for staff allowing them to focus on other tasks.

DakoLink works for all DakoLink instruments, with just one user-friendly program for everything. This interoperability between different staining platforms facilitates staff training and rotation, which also reduces the risk of errors.

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DakoLink Key Benefits: Reduce hands-on time with DakoLink

DakoLink integrates fully with your LIS. This means that DakoLink can read LIS barcodes* or create its own unique 2D barcode to ensure every slide is uniquely identified. This means that there is no need to re-label slides, thereby reducing hands-on time.

By using a unique barcode, DakoLink™ traces and manages all of the staining steps** and captures all staining protocol and reagent information digitally, so there is no need to write any of this information by hand.

* Provided that LIS can create a barcode unique to the slide level
** Dako CoverStainer only sends information to DakoLink

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DakoLink Key Benefits: Easily provide slide handling information with DakoLink

By using a unique barcode, DakoLink accurately and automatically tracks all staining steps, so all information related to the staining process is captured digitally and readily available.

DakoLink also enables you to create customized reports based on the information that is captured, and thereby easily provide any staining-related information requested by quality and regulatory authorities.

Finally, you can easily create reports via the software that help you better manage your workload.

(DakoLink supports ISO15189.)

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Track and Trace Patient Specimens

With True Positive ID and DakoLink™, information can be shared between the pathology laboratory and the rest of the hospital as well as from your hospital to other hospitals across the city and beyond.