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Companion Diagnostic (CDx) Services

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Partnering with Agilent means a CDx experience in exact alignment with your needs.
Agilent innovation, leadership, and collaboration ensure the highest-quality diagnostic assay, perfectly paired to your targeted treatment.
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Innovate with precision
Agilent builds on 50+ years of experience and cutting-edge diagnostic research to ensure a precisely calibrated assay for each companion therapy.

The power of cutting-edge technology
Agilent is at the forefront of technology innovation to unlock the promise of precision medicine.

Featured detection technologies are treated in bold.
Note: Technologies listed may not be approved for diagnostic use.

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The future of targeted treatment
Agilent is a leading partner to drive clinical utility into proven pathways while helping to enable the next generation of predictive biomarkers and CAR T therapeutics.

Lead with precision
From the world's first CDx Center of Excellence to our global network of people and production facilities, Agilent is a worldwide leader in enabling targeted treatment for patients.
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Develop Robust technology and a customized co‑development process to enable the development of leading CDx solutions
Register Relationships in over 85 countries to support clinical trials and ensure concurrent drug‑diagnostic approval
Manufacture GMP manufacturing with multiple FDA‑registered sites to ensure consistent production and distribution at scale
Commercialize Global reputation for diagnostic excellence and dedicated commercial teams to ensure access for every patient
Engage with precision
Every Agilent partnership starts with understanding your needs, so we can tailor the precise solution to fit your drug development program.
Understand capabilities and needs Align on pharma partner needs, development needs and timelines, and match against Agilent capabilities
Develop and customize proposal Tailor proposal to meet specific decision points, data availability, and other milestones
Finalize contract and initiate project Execute on optimal contract framework and kick off project with established joint project team
Partner with us
See how an Agilent CDx partnership can advance your precision medicine program.