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Brilliant II QPCR & QRT-PCR Reagents - Details & Specifications

The Brilliant II QPCR master mix has been optimized for maximum performance on the Mx3000P and Mx3005P real-time PCR systems.  In addition, excellent results have been observed using most other QPCR platforms. The Brilliant II QPCR master mix includes SureStart Taq DNA polymerase, a modified version of Taq2000 DNA polymerase with hot start capability.

SureStart Taq DNA polymerase improves PCR amplification reactions by decreasing background from non-specific amplification and increasing amplification of desired products. Using SureStart Taq, hot start is easily incorporated into PCR protocols already optimized with Taq DNA polymerase, with little modification of cycling parameters or reaction conditions.

A passive reference dye (an optional reaction component) is provided in a separate tube; providing this reagent separately allows the user to control the final dye concentration, increasing the flexibility of the reagents for use with different platforms.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures