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Teaching Tools

Teaching Tools

We provide Agilent-owned content and resources for teaching purposes. Complete terms of use for these materials can be found here. Correct referencing of these Agilent materials is appreciated. (Please reference all materials as: Courtesy of Agilent Technologies, Inc.). To request use of any of the pictures, sketches, or drawings for purposes other than teaching, contact Agilent.

Teaching slides

Teaching slide sets (theory and hardware) are available in 10 languages for the following technologies:

  • Capillary electrophoresis
  • Cell metabolism analysis
  • Gas chromatography
  • Liquid chromatography
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Spectroscopy
  • Vacuum technology


Enrich your presentations with videos that demonstrate instruments and technologies.

Recommended Agilent YouTube playlists for educational purpose:

Instrument and technology images

Download high-resolution images for use in posters and publications.

  • (.zip package | 2 MB)
  • (.zip package | 4.5 MB)
  • (.zip package | 1.5 MB)
  • (.zip package | 1 MB)
  • (.zip package | 2 MB)

Agilent InterAct!

Explore Agilent instruments online.

Demonstrate technology to your students in a 3-D virtual environment. Interact with Agilent products and teach fundamentals to students with fashionable tools.

HPLC Simulator

HPLC Simulator is a web-based tool for demonstrating liquid chromatography in real time. Experimental parameters such as retention time, column efficiency, and backpressure can be modified to demonstrate their impacts on retention and separation.

HPLC Simulator is free software developed by faculty members in the Chemistry department at Gustavus Adolphus College.


Attend live events or watch recorded webinars at your convenience. These technical presentations are a convenient way to stay connected with the latest trends in technology, product development, applications, and workflows.



Agilent InterAct!

Interact with Agilent products as if they were real. Configure your favorite Agilent system in a virtual environment in 3-D.

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Browse Agilent`s video collection

The Agilent video library includes how-to videos as well as technology demonstrations. Use this resource for more insights.

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Principles put into pratice

"To maximize student hands-on experience, we formed a strategic partnership with Agilent to equip our new lab and to participate in the delivery of the course."

Dr. Panagiotis Manesiotis, Queen`s University Belfast, United Kingdom

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Teaching tools

"Agilent Academia Resources offers excellent slides that add high value to my course presentations. Explanation of the theoretical background and nice illustrations give students insight into the fascinating world of instrumental analyses."

Dr. Maria Kristina Parr, Freue Universität Berlin, Germany

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Meet the new Agilent 5800 and 5900 ICP-OES

The Agilent 5800 and 5900 ICP-OES instruments have been designed to reduce the top causes of wasted time in the lab.

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