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Agilent Ultivo Triple Quadrupole LC/MS

  • Unbelievably Powerful Remarkably Small
  • Transforming the Future of Mass Spectrometry
  • A New Era of Mass Spectrometry

Meet the new Agilent Ultivo Triple Quadrupole LC/MS.
This little game changer is reshaping the future of mass spectrometry.

Decades of innovation have brought us into a new era of mass spectrometry with the design of Agilent’s revolutionary Triple Quadrupole LC/MS. Ultivo is packed full of the same power and accuracy you’ll find in the big guys but at a fraction of the size.

It’s on a transformative mission to reshape expectations, redefine capabilities, and reassess what’s possible when small meets powerful.


See Ultivo's remarkable power in action below and request your complimentary poster to dive deeper into this breakthrough technology.

Ultivo LC/TQ has powerful innovations allowing you to:

Maximize Laboratory Real Estate

The footprint of Ultivo LC/TQ is 70% smaller than the similar LC/TQ with all of the power of the big guys. You can triple your lab's capacity in the same space.

Optimize Lab Technician Productivity

The VacShield enables lab personnel to quickly and seamlessly maintain the MS, freeing up valuable time to focus on science.

Reduce Instrument Downtime

Intelligent diagnostics use intuitive readbacks to pinpoint issues quickly.

Produce Better Results

The Cyclone Ion Guide gets more ions to the detector. More ions means better, more reproducible results.

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Increase Sample Throughput

The Vortex Collision Cell combines faster scanning with the confidence you need to do more, and quickly.

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Advance Efficiency

The efficiency-optimized Infinity II HPLC series portfolio is the perfect partner for high-throughput mass spectrometry. 

See how Ultivo LC/TQ can transform your lab.

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Four decades of innovation have led us here

For years, food safety and environmental analysis laboratories have struggled to do more with less, and quickly. With the exceptional performance and capacity of Ultivo LC/TQ, you can meet throughput demands, expand capability and capacity with space currently available, and maintain data quality that your clients expect.

Fine-tuned for difficult food matrices

High-performance analysis for newly
emerging pollutants

Ultivo: Powered by Big Innovation

Now that we've introduced you to the new Ultivo, we want to reveal the innovations that make this small LC/TQ so powerful.

Virtual Pre/Post-Filters Video

Virtual Pre/Post-Filters
Maximum ion transmission at entrance and exit of resolving quadrupoles

Vortex Collision Cell Video

Vortex Collision Cell
Optimum ion transmission, and enhanced MS/MS performance

Cyclone Ion Guide Video

Cyclone Ion Guide
More ions, increased signals, improved results


MassHunter Software
More data. More possibilities.

Agilent MassHunter software makes the Triple Quadrupole LC/MS even more powerful by giving you new ways to turn data into insights—like the Quant-My-Way user interface. This internal feature helps streamline your data analysis workflow by giving you the tools to create a personalized software experience based on the assay you’re running.

Request your Ultivo Toolkit

  • Take a look at the new Brochure–with innovation details
  • Four application notes targeting food matrices and environmental pollutants
  • Whitepaper: What is the Most Meaningful Standard of Mass Spectrometry?
  • On-demand webinar

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