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Real Stories from the Lab: Operational Efficiency

At Agilent, we know that every interaction is a chance to get to know you better, and to drive better outcomes for your lab. That’s why “from insight to outcome” isn’t just our motto, it’s our mission. The stories below are all real, and so is our commitment to your success.

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CrossLab is an Agilent capability that integrates services, consumables and lab-wide resource management to help laboratories improve efficiency, optimize operations, increase instrument uptime, develop user skill and more.

Agilent CrossLab supports operational efficiency through planned maintenance,
multi-vendor service and lab management support


Taking the Mundane out of Mondays

How one lab sets up the week for success.

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Optimizing Lab Ops

An account review delivers constructive ideas for operational performance.

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Special Ops

A team effort improves lab metrics and creates new lab efficiencies.

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Lab-wide capabilities include asset management, laboratory business
intelligence and relocation services


Big Moves

CrossLab coordination makes a complex move successful.

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Ensure Audit Success

The CrossLab Asset Management team in China helps a customer meet rigorous CNAS standards.

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Lab-wide Data Analysis

Improving uptime, supporting users with laboratory business intelligence.

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Compliance Management reduces risk and increases confidence


Extra Compliance Rigor

Keeping instruments current helps
reduce risk.

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Creative Collaboration

Compliance risk is reduced due to
service tip.

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Power Up QC

CrossLab expertise supplements
lab resources.

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