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Ferrule-free Direct Connections

Eliminate connection uncertainty

Leaks due to improper ferrule connection are a leading cause of unplanned downtime, costing labs time and money. Often, leaks are not detected until it is too late – until samples are run improperly, yielding unusable data.

With Intuvo, we’ve designed click-and-run direct connections. By coupling two planar face seals together with a torque driver, we can ensure exactly the right tightness for a leak-free seal. The click of the torque driver is an audible and tactile indicator of proper connection – no second guessing, overtightening, or leaks.

Additionally, we’ve built in automatic leak detection that can take a measurement any time you want – even autonomously, in the background, in real time – to make sure the connections remain leak free. And Intuvo can log that leak test to document the seal was made properly and is maintained.

Click-and-run connections are used throughout the Intuvo flow path; in fact, there are no ferrules at all for users to worry about.

  • No error prone ferrule connections
  • Direct face seal connections
  • Audible and tactile click to indicate connection
  • Automatic leak checking
  • Minimal unplanned downtime
  • Fewer batch reruns and samples lost
  • Easier end-user training
Ferrule-free Direct Connections Ferrule-free Direct Connections

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