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New High-Quality FLEX Ready-to-Use Antibodies for Dako Omnis

We continue to build the FLEX Ready-to-Use (RTU) antibody portfolio for Dako Omnis with new antibodies all of which:
  • Are validated for Dako Omnis - plug-and-play RTU reagents for optimal performance
  • Have protocols which are aligned for quick throughput
  • Are high-quality antibodies
  • Are customized for EnVision FLEX, our proven visualization system with low complexity and very high sensitivity
Launched in 2017:
Antibody Source Clone Code
Actin (Smooth Muscle) Mouse mAb 1A4 GA611
Epithelial Membrane Antigen (EMA) Mouse mAb E29 GA629
Inhibin α Mouse mAb R1 GA058
Myogenin Mouse mAb F5D GA067
p63 Mouse mAb DAK-p63 GA662
Launched in 2016:
Antibody Source Clone Code
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Rabbit pAb - GA505
Alpha-1-Fetoprotein Rabbit pAb - GA500
Beta-Catenin Mouse mAb β-catenin-1 GA702
Calcitonin Rabbit pAb - GA515
Caldesmon Mouse mAb h-CD GA054
CD8 Mouse mAb C8144B GA623
CD23 Mouse mAb DAK-CD23 GA781
Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) Rabbit pAb - GA508
Cyclin D1 Rabbit mAb EP12 GA083
ERG (Ets-Related Gene) Rabbit mAb EP111 GA659
Estrogen Receptor α Rabbit mAb EP1 GA084
IgA Rabbit pAb - GA510
Mammaglobin Mouse mAb 304-1A5 GA074
Neurofilament Protein Mouse mAb 2F11 GA607
Progesterone Receptor Mouse mAb PgR 1294 GA090
Renal Cell Carcinoma Marker Mouse mAb SPM314 GA075
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Tonsil stained with FLEX Anti-p63 Code GA662

Tonsil stained with FLEX Anti-p63,
Code GA662, on Dako Omnis

Placenta stained with FLEX Anti-Inhibin Code GA058

Placenta stained with FLEX Anti-Inhibin α,
Code GA058, on Dako Omnis