Embracing Digitalization for Better Lab Performance and Results

The digital lab is more than a vision. Agilent offers everything you need to accelerate your journey to peak efficiency—today.

There is no question that new technologies can dramatically improve efficiency and scientific insights for analytical labs. Automation, artificial intelligence, robotic systems, virtual reality, informatics, advanced algorithms and consistent data structures all hold promise for increasing lab throughput, reducing errors, and cutting costs.

The new question is how to transform your vision of the digital lab into reality—quickly, cost-efficiently, and with a strong partner you can trust. Agilent has the open solutions, the modern technology, and the proven track record you need to accelerate your journey with confidence. Let’s explore the opportunities together.

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The digital lab: The move is on.

The digital lab is an open, connected, intelligence-infused laboratory ecosystem. Its purpose is to maximize throughput and quality so lab staff can focus on problem-solving and true innovation.

The urgency of moving to a digital model is steadily increasing, driven most recently by the need for faster remote data access, scalable cloud-based storage, smarter asset monitoring, and remote work options, and improved collaboration.1

of QC labs will undergo digital transformations in the next 2 years.
say the pandemic gave rise to a digital strategy.
Value achieved through scaled-up digitalization
0% Faster access to data Less manual effort Increased collaboration Ability to refocus on high-priority activities
1 Source: Driving Digitalization in the Lab | Accenture.

Three key areas of focus

Agilent focuses on helping to address three specific areas:

Data Optimization

To get the answers lab managers and data scientists need faster using informatics, analytics, AI and more.

Enterprise Optimization

To drive down operational costs through cloud operations, security, and resource management.

Lab Optimization

To increase yield, quality, and throughput via digital services, workflow orchestration, and lab automation.

CrossLab Asset Monitoring

Combines advanced IoT sensor technology and data analytics allowing you to capture lab-wide instrument utilization data across all your workflows.

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Status Board for OpenLab

Monitors and provides real-time information on your Agilent software and instrument environment. Makes it easy to check server status, disk space, installed software and applications revisions, connected instrument details, and much more.

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CrossLab Smart Alerts

Monitors instrument health and lets you know when to replace key instrument consumables, when to perform preventive maintenance, and when an Agilent instrument stops running anywhere in the lab.

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Visualize, Report,
and Analyze Data
Track Lab Requests, Samples,
Reagents, and Specifications
Connect to Instruments,
Inventories, Barcode Printer, and more
Capture Experimental Results and
Execute Lab Workflows


Effectively track samples as they progress through the laboratory from sample receipt to automated result reporting. SLIMS guides users through complex workflows, automates manual processes, and digitally documents your lab procedures.

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Sample Scheduler for OpenLab

Automates the routing of sample information, method assignment, and instrument assignments from LIMS into a single view. Review your entire lab’s sample queue and investigate the status of every instrument from a mobile device or desktop PC.

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Alissa Clinical Informatics Platform

Enables innovative NGS and CGH data analysis to optimize workflows across technologies and applications. The platform seamlessly and efficiently integrates raw read alignment, variant annotation and classification, and reporting modules.

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Seahorse Analytics

Accelerates the translation of raw Seahorse XF assay data into insight through a suite of data analysis tools on a single cloud platform.

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OpenLab CDS

Standardizes your lab by using one software to control your multivendor chromatography instruments. Provides virtualization, networking, and cloud options to do sample processing, review, and approval remotely.

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OpenLab ECM XT

Provides centralized cloud and on-premises storage of all lab data. Leverages cloud technology to scale quickly, save storage cost and space, and consolidate resources

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CrossLab Laboratory Services

Keeps operations running consistently by consolidating your needs with a single, convenient service solution for managing all your instrument servicing and software support.

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CrossLab Virtual Assist

Facilitates augmented reality (AR) remote assistance between you and Agilent technical support to quickly troubleshoot or diagnose issues remotely.

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Agilent Community

Connects you with fellow professionals and enhances your discoveries through relevant discussions, documents, videos, and support resources.

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Agilent: One unified ecosystem for your lab

Agilent brings together the modern technologies, the expertise, and the track record to help you build your open solution to fit your needs and your ecosystem—today. We’re with you every step of the way, from asset management to innovative insights.

Experience our digital lab offerings:

Improves lab-wide visibility with IoT sensor-based utilization monitoring and analytics. Minimizes unnecessary or unexpected downtime due to an instrument failure or error.
  1. Asset monitoring and alerts
  2. Tailored application workflows, automation, and sample tracking
  3. Processing, interpreting, visualizing, and sharing
  4. Training, services, and support
Exit the Experience

Agilent: Reputation for Global Leadership
in Digital Lab of the Future

New quantitative research shows that Agilent is strongly associated with customized support, innovation, and overall quality and dependability. Agilent leads all competitors in driving visions of “lab of the future” in the United States, China, and Europe.2

Competitor 1
Competitor 2
Competitor 3

US (n=73)

Competitor 1
Competitor 2
Competitor 3

China (n=76)

Competitor 1
Competitor 2
Competitor 3

Europe (n=75)

2 Source: Material+ Agilent Brand Reputation 2022 Benchmark Quantitative Research.

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