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XGS-600 Controller

XGS-600 Controller

The XGS-600 Gauge Controller accepts any of four different kinds of gauge cards which, between them, operate all Agilent vacuum gauges. Choose from

  • Convection gauges such as thermocouple or ConvecTorr
  • Hot filament ion gauges
  • Inverted magnetron (cold cathode or Penning) gauges

Up to six cards can be installed in the XGS-600 Controller, in practically any combination to suit your particular application. Everything else is standard equipment. This yields maximum flexibility for matching the system to your vacuum measurement requirements. The XGS-600 Gauge Controller allows for simultaneous operation of up to 12 gauges and can display readings for up to 8 gauges at any one time. All settings are stored in flash memory, so no worry about reprogramming after a power outage.

Active Gauge Selection Chart

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