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All too often, turnaround times and work quality are seen in terms of trade-offs—increasing one diminishes the other. However, choosing the right laboratory software can transform them into complementary capabilities. Whether your needs are simple or complex, OpenLab Software can raise productivity and improve work quality simultaneously.

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Transformational software for today’s analytical workflow

OpenLab CDS together with the OpenLab Software Suite provides the full range of advanced capabilities you need to dramatically improve turnaround times and work quality in each phase of the laboratory analytical workflow.

Sample Submission

On time and error-free sample submission

Sample Scheduler for OpenLab automates the inefficient error-prone steps in your operation and improves your lab’s output by providing a simple interface to manage your workload and send samples for analysis to any instrument.

Accelerate turnaround times
Improve work quality
  • Reduce errors by reducing the number of manual steps necessary to submit samples using Sample Scheduler for OpenLab (with or without LIMS integration).
  • Ensure quality results by creating easy to follow lab execution instructions with SLIMS.

Data Acquisition

A single data system for a broad range of analytical techniques

Standardize your chromatography lab with OpenLab CDS and eliminate the need to learn multiple software packages. OpenLab CDS provides the most comprehensive Agilent and non-Agilent instrument control of your LC, GC, LC/MS, GC/MS systems.

Accelerate turnaround times
  • User-friendly capabilities ensure you can submit runs quickly, including many options for saving multi-sample runs to support your workflow needs.
  • Standardize your lab by using one software to control your Agilent chromatography instruments, detectors, and modules, including single quad mass spectrometry and over 600 non-Agilent chromatography modules from over 10 vendors. See the list of supported instruments.
  • Do sample processing and review status from any instrument from any location on the network. See additional advantages of a networked system.
Improve work quality
  • Eliminate time-intensive and error-prone manual entry with sequence templates that let you quickly and easily create sequences that adhere to your instrument SOPs.
  • Ensure proper method selection and entry by connecting your LIMS to OpenLab CDS with Sample Scheduler for OpenLab.

Data Analysis

Efficient data review and visualization

OpenLab CDS speeds up data review for complex samples by providing a new way of navigating and visualizing large data sets to find trends, missing or additional peaks, retention time shifts, integration problems, outliers, and artifacts. Whether you need to optimize your method development process or speed up routine data analysis, OpenLab CDS has the tools you need.

Accelerate turnaround times
  • Optimize integration parameters quickly, whether you’re an expert chemist or fresh out of college, with the Integration Optimizer.
  • Identify optimal wavelength for each peak in spectral analysis with Isoplot Heat Map Diode Array.
  • Explore your data visually and identify out-of-spec data or data that requires further inquiry more quickly, using visualization tools like Peak Explorer, reference chromatogram, and Match Compare.
  • Compute unique values automatically and directly within the software rather than using spreadsheets with the Custom Calculator tool.
  • Assess peak parameters faster by quickly zooming in on a peak to identify whether a peak is pure or contains multiple compounds using peak assessment tools.
Improve work quality
  • Eliminate complex, error-prone calculations and report analytical results more efficiently with built-in data flagging algorithms.
  • Apply the best integration parameters quickly and reproducibly using the Integration Optimizer.
  • Ensure all your calculations are performed correctly every time by creating protected scripts within your software using the Custom Calculator tool.
  • Calculate and provide values to establish level of purity, based on specific user-defined MS or UV spectra purity with peak assessment tools.
  • Automate the scheduling and assignment of samples using Sample Scheduler to greatly reduce errors caused by manual transcription.


Fast, flexible, reliable reporting

Powerful, versatile capabilities in OpenLab CDS make report generation quick and easy—while eliminating errors and dependency on spreadsheets. Build effective, professional-looking reports that inspire confidence in your data and the decisions it drives.

Accelerate turnaround times
  • Spend less time interpreting reports. Reporting in OpenLab CDS allows you to apply smart logic and conditional formatting to quickly highlight out of spec data.
  • Meet your unique business needs with custom report services, training, and application-specific templates. Learn more about reporting templates for OpenLab CDS.
  • Ensure timely delivery of results by automating the creation of customized reports using reporting in OpenLab CDS.
  • Increase team output by automating all calculations in custom reports using the Custom Calculator tool.
  • Achieve the fastest turnaround by automatically assembling results from multiple analytical methods into a Certificate of Analysis or any standardized report with SLIMS.
Improve work quality
  • Avoid errors caused by manually transcribing data to other software. Using OpenLab CDS, you can generate a simple report file for direct import into your LIMS or other systems.
  • Reduce mistakes by using conditional formatting to alert reviewers to out of spec results with reporting in OpenLab CDS.
  • Prevent mistakes by creating locked report templates that return the right results every time using reporting in OpenLab CDS.

Data Management

Secure storage for your analytical reports and instrument data

A networked OpenLab CDS greatly improves overall lab operations by centralizing system administration and instrument management. OpenLab data management delivers the added benefits of storing data in the cloud and ensuring secure system backups.

Accelerate turnaround times
  • Review and update data remotely without having to interfere with lab processes/work. Learn about options for working remotely and the advantages of a networked system.
  • Make finding relevant/current data easier by searching through several data sources at once with OpenLab data management.
  • Free up staff time for more productive activities by automating your lab procedures and data processing activities with SLIMS.
Improve work quality

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