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Fluorescence Spectroscopy


想实现最高性能的荧光分光光度分析,Agilent Cary Eclipse 系统及其多种附件和备件是您的不二之选。该系统极具灵活性和创新性,能在多种荧光光谱应用中提供一致的分析结果。Cary Eclipse 分光光度计独有的脉冲氙灯技术具有出色的灵敏度与抗室光干扰能力,非常适合与光纤技术联用,可用于生物样品分析。

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分子光谱网络研讨会课程包括紫外-可见、荧光、FTIR 台式光谱仪和显微镜,以及手持式和便携式 FTIR 解决方案,提供高性能和灵活性选择

Spectroscopy Digital Workshops & Bootcamps

Hone your lab skills, outside the lab, with our live, interactive series of virtual workshops and software bootcamps! Learn about the latest in software solutions for Spectroscopy, discuss the entire analytical process from method development to data analysis, and participate in live analytical runs with our experts. We hope these will prepare you for future hands-on events in the future.

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