Thank you for visiting Agilent’s Compliance Hotline.

Agilent's Hotline provides an avenue for employees and members of the public to speak up and report questions and concerns about ethics and compliance issues.

Agilent is committed to fostering a culture where Agilent employees are free to speak up and feel confident that their questions and concerns will be addressed promptly and in an appropriate manner. Agilent employees should be aware that no code of business ethics or company policy can address every situation, and they are encouraged and expected to ask questions and seek advice when they are unsure about ethics and compliance issues. Agilent employees are also required to speak up if they see or suspect conduct that may violate Agilent's Standards of Business Conduct, Agilent policies, or applicable laws and regulations. By speaking up, you are helping Agilent and its employees operate with Uncompromising Integrity—one of Agilent's Company Values and a fundamental principle that should guide everything we do.

The Hotline offers Agilent employees another means to report questions and concerns pursuant to Agilent's Open-Door Policy, which allows you to report concerns to any level of Management or Human Resources. The Hotline is administered by a third-party organization, NAVEX, to preserve the confidentiality and anonymity of your report. You can report information to the Hotline by telephone via a local toll-free number or through the web, available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Reports can be made in over 100 languages. Calls into the Hotline will initially be answered in English, but the Hotline Specialist who answers your call will bring an interpreter on the line if you would prefer to report your concern in a language other than English.

If a reporter chooses to remain anonymous, neither Agilent nor NAVEX will undertake any activities designed to identify the reporter (where permitted by law).

As a reminder, Agilent takes a zero-tolerance approach to retaliation. No person will face retaliation for reporting a concern in good faith, even if the facts cannot be substantiated. Any attempted retaliation should be reported promptly and will be dealt with accordingly.

Thank you for speaking up. 

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For serious, imminent safety or security-related issues please contact the Global Security Response Center in the US & Canada: (888) 210-8188, International: + 1 (408) 244-8188