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OpenLab Software Suite

OpenLab Software Suite

Transform Analytical Data into Meaningful Results with OpenLab Software

You're in control with OpenLab software. This integrated suite will help you capture, analyze, and share data in ways that add business value. From data collection and analysis to interpretation and management, OpenLab software transforms analytical data into meaningful results.

As of May 1, 2020, Genohm is now officially Agilent Technologies. This acquisition enhances Agilent’s current software portfolio, adding laboratory information management system (LIMS) and workflow management, while expanding electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) capability. This combination will allow Agilent to bring greater context to analytical data, enabling scientists to generate results more efficiently.

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OpenLAB CDS 2.1 网络研讨会系列

提供最新 OpenLAB CDS 平台高水平培训的免费网络研讨会。OpenLAB CDS 2.x 为您的安捷伦 LC、GC、CE、CE/MS 和 LC/MS 仪器系统提供最全面的控制,以及为其他供应商仪器系统提供基本控制。

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