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OpenLAB CDS MatchCompare

将未知的样品与已知的标样进行客观比较 将未知的样品与已知的标样进行客观比较


OpenLAB CDS MatchCompare 是一款辅助软件工具,能将未知样品与已知标样进行客观比较,是香精/香料分析的理想选择。

Many times it is not enough to know the individual compounds that are in a sample. Determining the nature of the sample takes the form of comparing chromatographic data files, matching a fingerprint.

OpenLAB CDS MatchCompare provides the ability to compare a reference chromatographic data file with an unknown. It provides a comparison result in an objective format. The laboratory gains a significant advantage by providing individual compound quantitation through OpenLAB CDS and providing a description of what the sample really is with OpenLAB CDS MatchCompare.


  • 对两个复杂样品进行色谱峰的识别和匹配
  • 通过峰面积比较监测产品含量的一致性
  • 自动的样品一致性报告,节省了时间
  • 免除了参比样品的再进样,节省了时间
  • 自动处理峰变形、缩放、柱老化,以及实验条件的改变。

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