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1260 Infinity II SFC Binary Pump Ordering Details

如需订购或获取更多包括价格和供货情况的详细信息,请联系您当地的安捷伦客户服务中心(800-820-3278,手机用户请拨打 400-820-3278)或授权代理商,索取报价单

说明 部件号
Agilent 1260 Infinity II 二元泵
Maximum pressure 600 bar. Includes integrated two-channel degassing unit, solvent-selection valve, seal wash, solvent cabinet, solvent bottles and CAN cable.
用于 1260/1290 Infinity II LC 的 HPLC 系统工具包 G4782a#001
Agilent Lab Advisor Advance Software G4782A #004
1260 Infinity II Max-Uptime Kit
Includes stainless steel capillaries, PEEK tubing and fittings, cutter, PTFE frits, and solvent inlet filter.
G4782A #007
不配置溶剂柜 G4782A #960