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小分子液相色谱 (LC) 柱或高效液相色谱 (HPLC) 柱可在多种化合物中分离出目标分析物。


无论是要进行常规或超快速色谱分析、分离生物大分子,或是要分析复杂化合物,高性能的色谱柱将为您提供您所需要的快速、可重现的结果 — 所有色谱柱均有出色的质量和可靠性。

小分子色谱柱产品系列包括先进的表面多孔 InfinityLab Poroshell 120 色谱柱以及传统的全多孔 ZORBAX、Polaris 和 Pursuit 色谱柱。



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More Chemistries, More Choices For Solving our Toughest Separation Challenges

The InfinityLab Poroshell 120 family has grown to include 3 particle sizes and 19 chemistries, so you can efficiently separate the widest variety of compounds.

Scale up to the Fast Lane with InfinityLab Poroshell 120 Prep Columns

Is your purification lab sacrificing speed to find confident answers to research questions?

A Proven and Reliable Portfolio of Totally Porous HPLC Columns

The Agilent ZORBAX family offers all advantages of totally porous particle columns such as increased retention, loadability and resistance to sample solvents.

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