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安捷伦提供一系列功能强大的药物溶出度测试产品组合。我们的 Cary 系统符合 USP、EP 和 JP 指南的一致规定,并整合了最新技术用于药物制剂和其他应用。通过收购 VanKel 科技集团和瓦里安科学仪器,扩展了我们的溶出分析产品系列。

Dissolution Accessories & Supplies

Supporting Consistently Excellent Dissolution Performance

Dissolution Sampling & UV Accessories
Dissolution Vessels & Evaporation Covers
Dissolution Paddles, Baskets & Sinkers
Dissolution Reciprocating Accessories
Paddle over Disk & Rotating Cylinder
Intrinsic Dissolution
Dissolution Tools

Dissolution Autosamplers

Free Up Time and Minimize Manual Errors with Automated Sampling Systems

Online UV Dissolution Systems

Boost Your Dissolution Performance with Automated Systems and Processes

Dissolution Apparatus

Efficient, Compliant and Versatile Dissolution Apparatus

Dissolution Qualification

Unique Calibration and Verification Technology for More Accurate Dissolution

Dissolution Software

Dissolution Software for Enhanced Data Management