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Microplate Automation & Detection


多功能微孔板检测仪提供全面功能,可应用多种应用。Agilent BioTek 多功能微孔板检测仪可灵活配置,提供各种模块、选项和配件,可为当前的实验室提供符合预算的灵活配置选择,并为未来提供可升级性。Agilent BioTek 吸收光微孔板检测仪可为多种应用提供出色的性能和易用性。从基本的 ELISA 到高通量检测,吸收光微孔板检测仪可提供多种功能。基于光栅单色器的仪器提供紫外-可见光检测,而基于滤光片的系统提供出色性能和高价值。与 Agilent BioTek 自动储板器或培养箱集成,为多种微孔板读取工作流程提供高效率和高通量。

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High-Throughput Determination of Bacteriophage Host Range Using the Agilent BioTek LogPhase 600 Microbiology Reader - Application Note

Phage therapy presents as an alternative to combat antimicrobial resistance. This application note demonstrates the use of the Agilent BioTek LogPhase 600 microbiology plate reader to ascertain lytic phage activity against a panel of bacterial hosts for the determination of phage host range.

A Homogeneous FRET-based HTS Assay for Quantification of pRb in Cancer Cell Lines to Monitor Inhibition of G0/ G1 Cell Phase Transition

This application note presents a novel HTRF cell-based assay that quantifies endogenous phosphorylated retinoblastoma protein.

Automated ELISA Liquid Handling with the 406FX Combination Washer Dispenser

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Fixed samples for fluorescence microscopy applications can take many shapes and forms, including cultured cells in microplates, multicellular spheroids, tissue on slides, and whole organisms.

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