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ZAG DNA 分析仪系统


ZAG DNA 分析仪系统是一款高通量毛细管电泳仪,设计用于对 DNA 片段的定性分析。利用 ZAG DNA 分析仪系统,每天可筛选数千个 DNA 片段,消除分析瓶颈。其直观的软件利用批处理并自动标记感兴趣的样品,可以更轻松地分析最重要的信息。








Build Consistency into Your Lab’s Workflow with the Agilent Automated Electrophoresis Portfolio.

The automated electrophoresis instrument portfolio includes systems for objective assessment of sample integrity, concentration, and fragment size. Download this eBrochure for an interactive experience.

Eliminate Fragment Analysis Bottlenecks - Agilent ZAG DNA Analyzer System

The Agilent ZAG DNA Analyzer system is designed to alleviate fragment analysis bottlenecks by allowing labs to load up to 864 samples at once and separate more than 4,608 samples per day.

Agilent ZAG DNA Analyzer Consumables - Analysis kits and capillary arrays

The ZAG dsDNA kits provide a high-throughput analysis solution for accurate sizing of DNA fragments. Specially formulated gels, markers, and ladders are designed for each kit enabling reliable sizing over a broad range with varying applications.

Agilent ZAG DNA Analyzer System - Automated DNA Fragment Analysis for High-Throughput Labs

The Agilent ZAG DNA Analyzer system simplifies DNA fragment analysis by eliminating labor intensive and time-consuming agarose gel electrophoresis. Designed to eliminate fragment analysis bottlenecks, the system offers minimal separation times, allowing for the analysis of thousands of samples per day.

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