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Agilent Supports University Research

Agilent contributes measurement expertise, products, and financial support to academic research in our fields of endeavor. Our connections with the academic research community inform our research and development efforts, educate the next generation of employees and customers, and result in publications that advance science and technologies that can enable important applications of measurement technologies.

Research Partnerships with Agilent

Professional connections between academia and Agilent's research sphere are fostered through technical conferences, introductions, academic outreach, and targeted inquiries to university relations. These connections aid in generating research proposals beneficial to both parties. Agilent awards university research grants semi-annually through a competitive process. Themes of interest include:

  • Separation Sciences/Sample Prep
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Spectroscopy/ICP-MS
  • Informatics
  • Genomics and Bioreagents
  • Diagnostics and Pathology
  • Emerging Technologies, Applications, and Other Topics
  • Cell Analysis

Proposals are submitted by university faculty and are selected based on evaluation criteria including:

  • Relevance to enhancing Agilent’s understanding of core technologies or applications;
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Potential to advance the state of the art and for contributing new insights to Agilent's future pursuits

In support of identifying mutual interests, Agilent conducts visits to universities during significant institutional initiatives that align with our interests. Additionally, we frequently organize guest lectures when faculty members are in proximity to Agilent's research sites, notably our largest sites in Santa Clara, California; Little Falls, Delaware; and Waldbronn, Germany. Please reach out to us at university_relations@agilent.com if you believe such a visit would be mutually beneficial.

Moreover, if you believe your research proposal aligns with Agilent's focus areas, please feel free to email it to us for consideration. We welcome the opportunity to explore potential collaborations.

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