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Agilent Supports University Research

Agilent contributes measurement expertise, products and financial support to academic research in our fields of endeavor. Our connections with the academic research community build enduring partnerships with thought leaders, educate the next generation of employees and customers, inform our development efforts, and result in publications that define important applications of measurement technologies.

Research Partnerships with Agilent

Professional connections between faculty and Agilent research staff emerge in areas of overlapping interest through technical conferences, introductions, our academic outreach, and well targeted inquires to university relations or specific technical staff. Such connections are helpful in generating research proposals of mutual benefit. Agilent awards university grants semi-annually through a competitive process. Themes of particular interest include:

  • Separation Sciences/Sample Prep
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Spectroscopy/ICP-MS
  • Informatics
  • Genomics and Bioreagents
  • Diagnostics and Pathology
  • Emerging Technologies, Applications, and Other Topics

Proposals are submitted by Agilent technical staff, generated in partnership with university faculty, and are selected to:

  • advance the proposed research;
  • advance Agilent’s understanding of a core technology or application of importance to us;
  • build strong, collaborative relationships including an active Agilent participant who will contribute technically and apply at Agilent what is learned;
  • add value to the research program through Agilent expertise, products, and knowledge of problems that matter; and
  • bring to Agilent new knowledge that illuminates our future.

To help uncover areas of mutual interest, Agilent visits universities when there are major institutional initiatives that align with our interests and we often arrange guest lectures when faculty are traveling near Agilents research sites, particularly at our largest such site in Santa Clara, California. Please contact us at university_relations@agilent.com if such a visit will be of mutual value.

Agilent University Partnerships in the News

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Featured Collaborators

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Integrated Biology Collaborators

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Recent Journal References from Research Collaborations

Title:  An inhibitor of oxidative phosphorylation exploits cancer vulnerability
Authors: Molina, JR., Sun, Y. Protopopova, M., Gera, S., Bandi, M., Bristow, C., McAfoos, T., Morlacchi, P., Ackroyd, J., Agip, Ana, Al-Atrash, G., Konopleva, M., Jones, P., Di Francesco, ME., Marszalek, JR.
Published: June 2018

Title:  Evolutionary analysis indicates that DNA alkylation damage is a byproduct of cytosine DNA methyltransferase activity
Authors: Rosic, S., Amouroux, R., Requena, CE., Gomes, A., Emperle, M., Beltran, T., Rane, JK., Linnett, S., Selkirk, ME., Schiffer, PH., Bancroft, AJ., Grencis, RK., Jeltsch, A., Hajkova, P., Sarkies, P.
Source: NATURE GENETICS, Volume 50, Pages 452-459
Published: March 2018

Title:  Determining double bond position in lipids using online ozonolysis coupled to liquid chromatography and ion mobility-mass spectrometry
Authors: Harris, RA., May, JC., Stinson, CA., Xia, Y., McLean, JA.
Source: ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, Volume 90, Issue 3, Pages 1915-1924
Published: January 2018

Title:  Metabolomics and transcriptomics identify multiple downstream targets of Paraburkholderia phymatum Ϭ54 during symbiosis with Phaseolus vulgaris
Authors: Lardi, M., Liu, Y., Giudice, G., Ahrens, CH., Zamboni, N., Pessi, G.
Published: April 2018

Title:  Tracking polymicrobial metabolism in cystic fibrosis airways: Pseudomonas aeruginosa metabolism and physiology are influenced by Rothia mucilaginosa-derived metabolites
Authors: Gao, B., Gallagher, T., Zhang, Y., Elbadawi-Sidhu, M., Lai, Z., Fiehn, O., Whiteson, KL.
Source: mSHERE, Volume 3, e00151-18
Published: March 2018

Title:  Multiple reaction monitoring for the quantitation of serum protein glycosylation profiles: application to ovarian cancer
Authors: Miyamoto, S., Stroble, CD., Taylor, S., Hong, Q., Lebrilla, CB., Leiserowitz, GS., Kim, K., Ruhaak, LR.
Source: JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH, Volume 17, Issue 1, Pages 222-233
Published: January 2018

Title:Methionine biosynthesis and transport are functionally redundant for the growth and virulence of Salmonella typhimurium
Authors: Husna, AUI., Wang, N., Cobbold, SA., Newton, HJ., Hocking, DM., Wilksch, JJ., Scott, TA., Davies, MR., Hinton, JC., Tree, JJ., Lithgow, T., McConville, MJ., Strugnell, RA.
Source: JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, Volume 293, Pages 9506-19
Published: June 2018

Title: Industrial brewing yeast engineered for the production of primary flavor determinants in hopped beer
Author(s): Denby CM, Li RA, Vu VT, Costello Z, Lin W, Chan LJG, Williams J, Donaldson B, Bamforth CW, Petzold CJ, Scheller HV, Martin HG, Keasling JD.
Source: NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, Volume 9, Page 965
Published: March 2018

Title: Multiplatform plasma fingerprinting in cancer cachexia: a pilot observational and translational study
Author(s): Cala MP, Agulló-Ortuño MT, Prieto-García E, González-Riano C, Parrilla-Rubio L, Barbas C, Díaz-García CV, García A, Pernaut C, Adeva J, Riesco MC, Rupérez FJ, Lopez-Martin JA.
Published: February 20, 2018

Title: Capillary Isoelectric Focusing-Mass Spectrometry Method for the Separation and Online Characterization of Intact Monoclonal Antibody Charge Variants
Author(s): Dai J, Lamp J, Xia Q, Zhang Y.
Source: ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, Volume 90, issue 3, Pages 2246-2254
Published: February 6, 2018

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