Supply Chain Security

Trade Security

Agilent supports the work done by the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) to improve security of our supply chains and logistics systems. Agilent urges its suppliers to join their appropriate program. US suppliers are urged to join C-TPAT. In addition, US Customs expects non-US suppliers to implement appropriate security measures within their own supply chains.

  • Agilent expects its suppliers to have programs in place to secure trade along their supply chains. These program should be equivalent to C-TPAT US or AEO (World Customs Organization) programs.

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Agilent is required to ensure our Suppliers process personal data on our behalf in compliance with applicable data protection and privacy laws. This includes the requirement to ensure we have appropriate data processing agreements in place with our Suppliers whenever they are processing personal data on our behalf and, where applicable, add special contractual provisions to allow personal data to be transferred outside of the originating jurisdiction e.g., transfers of EU personal data to the US may require EU approved Standard Contractual Clauses to be included in the agreement.

Agilent has a cross-functional program in place to ensure and maintain compliance with global privacy laws we are subject to including as it relates to our relationship with Suppliers. We have adapted our standard operating procedures and policies where required to ensure our relationships with Suppliers adhere to global privacy requirements, including enhanced due diligence of and contractual review with Suppliers.

  • Agilent expects its suppliers to follow all applicable data protection and privacy laws worldwide and have the appropriate policies, procedures and training programs in place, to ensure any personal data processed for Agilent is done so securely and in compliance with applicable laws.

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IT Security

IT Security is a companywide priority at Agilent and we continuously invest in our People, Processes and Tools to strengthen our security posture to protect both Agilent's and our Customer's data. Agilent has policies and standard operating procedures in place to maintain information confidentiality, integrity and availability. These procedures include organizational requirements of acceptable use and apply to Agilent employees and non-employees. The requirements are also applicable to all information and information processing facilities that are accessed, processed, and communicated to or managed by external or third parties and must be protected from any misuse and unauthorized activity. 

  • Agilent expects its suppliers to have policies and procedures in place that are aligned to these requirements including any additional local or regional requirements

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