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Metals Analysis & Production

Metals Analysis & Production

Analyze Impurities and Trace Elements Quickly and Accurately for Metals Manufacturing

Critical monitoring of metallic elements for contaminants in manufacturing is vital to ensure product quality, and analysis solutions capable of identifying a wide variety of impurities are required, for both in-lab and remote use.

Agilent's easy-to-use, rugged and reliable instruments are suitable for even the most challenging environments and can determine major and trace analytes in steel or alloy samples, or perform precise impurity analyses. GC and GC/MS instruments also provide validation and regulatory solutions to comply with environmental monitoring requirements.

The robust ICP-OES is a precise and flexible system for detection of trace level impurities with challenging interferences. Delivering high sensitivity results for trace level contaminants, the systems helps manufacturers maintain output quality.

For the detection and quantification of Rare Earth Element impurities, the ground-breaking technology of the 8800 Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS System delivers stable and robust performance, enhanced by automation systems that ensure efficiency and speed of analysis.