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OpenLab 소프트웨어는 과학, 운영, 경제 측면에서 가치를 제공합니다

애질런트의 OpenLab 소프트웨어는 시료 관리, 데이터 수집, 데이터 분석, 데이터 관리, 실험실 워크플로 관리를 통합한 제품군입니다. 이러한 제품은 쉽게 통합해 함께 사용할 수 있기 때문에 분석 요청이 생성되는 순간부터 데이터를 보관할 때까지 모든 분석 워크플로를 처리합니다. OpenLab 소프트웨어는 실험실 처리량과 결과 품질을 개선하므로 데이터 완전성 전략에서 중요한 부분을 차지할 것입니다.




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OpenLab CDS version 2.6 helps unleash your most productive team yet

Check out what’s new in the latest version of OpenLab CDS. From integration optimization tools to supporting cloud deployments, we've made it even easier to get stuff done.

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Laboratory Informatics User Group eSeminar Series

Laboratory Informatics User Group eSeminar Series
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OpenLab CDS Webinar Series

Free webinars offering high level training of the latest OpenLAB CDS platform OpenLAB CDS 2.x provides the most complete instrument control of Agilent LC, GC, CE, CE/MS, and LC/MS instruments systems you have now, with limited instrument control of other vendors’ systems.
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Data Integrity Webinars & Podcasts

Series of webinars to help your lab prepare for regulatory examination. Stay informed about the latest FDA and global enforcement trends and learn the strategies you can use to stay compliant.
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