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Raman 항공 보안 시스템

Raman Spectroscopy

포장재를 개봉하지 않고 화학적 분석이 가능한 혁신적인 Raman 기술

애질런트 Raman 분광 시스템은 공항 보안 검색 및 의약품 품질 관리부터 유해 화학물질 식별에 이르는 다양한 분야에서 독점적인 공간 오프셋 라만 분광법(SORS)과 투과 라만 분광법(TRS)을 활용합니다.

SORS를 이용하면 초기 대응 담당자가 수상한 패키지 내부의 내용물을 식별하는 데 도움이 되는 것부터, 의약품 품질 관리에서 미개봉 포장재 내부의 고처리량 원료를 식별하는 것까지 포장용기와 불투명한 물체를 투과하여 화학적 분석을 수행할 수 있습니다. TRS는 의약품 QC 및 제형 개발 과정에서 전체 정제 및 캡슐을 몇 초 내에 비파괴적으로 스크리닝하여 신속한 함량 균일성 및 다형체 분석을 지원합니다.

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Agilent Resolve Handheld Raman Analyzer for Through-Barrier Chemical Identification

Agilent Resolve is the world’s only handheld Raman system that enables true through-barrier identification of hazardous or contraband materials.

Agilent Raman Solutions for Pharmaceutical QC

Lower your costs and streamline your workflows in raw material identification, content uniformity testing, and polymorph analysis in pharmaceutical QC

Solutions for Accelerated Raw Materials Identification

This e-book describes how a through-container handheld Raman instrument can be used to reduce the turn around time and cost of pharmaceutical raw material quality control

Verifying Raw Materials by Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy

The Agilent Vaya and RapID instruments use Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy (SORS) for identifying materials inside unopened packaging

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SPIE Paper Discusses Detection and Identification of Hazardous Narcotics and New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) Using Resolve Raman

This study describes the use of Raman SORS technology for rapid identification of narcotics in a range of concentrations – from pure form (as it is smuggled or transported) to street forms and products, often mixed with conventional cutting agents. The paper discusses the potential to improve safety, efficiency and critical decision making in incident management, search operations, policing and ports and border operations.

Application Note Describes Quantification and Identity Testing of Soft Gel Capsules using Transmission Raman Spectroscopy

This application note discusses how the TRS100 can be used to generate both a qualitative (ID) and quantitative analysis of soft gel capsules. The processes of calibration, model development, and method validation are also discussed. This study presents an efficient and cost saving analytical technique requiring no sample preparation.

알코올 기반 손 소독제 분석에 사용된 RapID

코로나19 팬데믹으로 인해 소독제, 특히 알코올 기반 손 소독제에 대한 수요가 증가했습니다. Nature에 게재된 FDA St. Louis OTR 팀의 논문에서는 샘플링을 하지 않고 손 소독제의 품질을 평가하는 방법에 대해 설명합니다. 즉 포장용기의 재료 또는 불투명도에 관계없이 공간 오프셋 라만 분광법(SORS)을 사용하여 시판 소독제의 유효 성분(예: 알코올)을 식별하고 정량화합니다. FDA 팀은 Agilent RapID를 사용하여 투명 및 불투명 플라스틱 포장용기를 투과하여 직접 손 소독제의 Raman 신호를 획득하였습니다. (RA44459.4152314815)

Featured Training & Events

Through Container Verification of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials with the New Agilent Vaya Handheld Raman System

This webcast describes raw material verification testing through transparent and non-transparent packaging using the new Agilent Vaya Raman system. Vaya is the first handheld Raman spectrometer incorporating spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS) technology for the quick identification of raw materials through containers. SORS reduces the need for sampling, saving cost, and resources by testing incoming goods quickly in the warehouse. Vaya combines the capabilities of conventional Raman systems with SORS for maximum sample/container compatibility. A range of container/material combinations will be discussed.

Implementing Transmission Raman for Fast Content Uniformity Testing – from Feasibility Evaluation to a Validated Release Method

The webinar highlights the approach that led to the implementation of transmission Raman spectroscopy for content uniformity testing at a pharmaceutical company. The webinar also discusses the reasons for using transmission Raman spectroscopy for content uniformity and how it works in conjunction with established liquid chromatography (LC) methods.

Molecular Spectroscopy Webinar Curriculum

Molecular Spectroscopy Webinar Curriculum includes UV-Vis, UV-Vis-NIR, fluorescence, handheld and benchtop FTIR, and Raman systems for high performance and flexibility

Workflow Breakthroughs - Improving Data Quality and Efficiency and Changing Pharmaceutical Analysis

Learn about new technologies that can dramatically reduce the risks around routine pharmaceutical analysis while also reducing the time required from hours and days to minutes.
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