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  • Prices, where shown, are Agilent contract prices current as of the date displayed on the search results page. Prices are valid only in the U.S. for qualified customers, and exclude any local taxes. These prices are for information purposes only. Open market options are not listed. Contact Agilent for a valid quote.
  • Links to Product Numbers are displayed with "Base Products" accentuated slightly more than their associated options, where applicable.
  • Prod. Info Links, where provided, may result in a "Page Not Found" message if they point to a product info page that has unexpectedly moved. For this reason, such links always open in a new browser window.
  • Product Lists persist until you quit the browser. List search results may contain multiple rows for products which appear in multiple contracts. The search results are always sorted by product number.
  • Search Results Navigation - the browser's Back and Forward buttons may be used to page sequentially through any search results that were already displayed, assuming you have not disabled browser cache. However, the "Continue Search >>>" button, if present, always jumps forward to the next page of un-examined results. If a new search is launched via a link on the search results page, then the previous results are cleared. Multiple search results can be viewed by opening the "Product Search" or "Contract Info" pages into a new browser window.
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