Agilent Corporate Citizenship Report 2014

A Leader in Corporate Citizenship

Outstanding corporate citizenship has three main components, and all are important priorities for Agilent. The first element is corporate governance - the practices that bring to life the highest standards of integrity and transparency. Our uncompromising integrity is core in all our dealings with customers and suppliers.

The second element of corporate citizenship is the role we play as an employer and community member. Our corporate citizenship efforts strengthen Agilent's long-term competitiveness and help improve the viability of our many communities. We will continue to make these efforts a priority. The third component is a dedicated focus on sustainability in our products and operations. As a result, Agilent strives to honor our obligations to society by being an economic, intellectual, social, and sustainability leader in each nation and community in which we operate.

Note on Employee Photography

The photos in the report are employee submissions to the Agilent Eye Photo Contest. Agilent's diversity and the innovation of its employees are key business strengths, and the competition provides all employees with the opportunity to showcase these strengths and share their perspectives and creativity with the entire Agilent community.

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