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1220 Infinity II LC System (G4294B)

The 1220 Infinity II LC delivers high-quality results at an affordable price. The compact and factory tested system ensures fast and trouble-free startup with industry-leading quality and long-life. The 1220 is fully compliant with regulatory LC application requirements and optimized for everyday productivity. This compact LC is ideal for labs entering the InfinityLab way for more efficient analyses, saving time and resources per sample.

The 1220 Infinity II LC offers:

  • Less material used to manufacture its compact design
  • Smaller packaging, improved shipping sustainability
  • End-of-life tack-back incentives to ensure proper recycling
1220 Infinity II LC System (G4294B)

Additional Information

Manufacturing Impact Reduction

Agilent has implemented various initiatives at the facility where the 1220 Infinity II LC System (G4294B) is manufactured in order to reduce the facility's energy and water consumption. These initiatives, which include rain water harvesting, equipment replacement, and an upgraded, on-site combined heat and power plant, have resulted in energy and water reductions relative to a 2015 baseline.

Renewable Energy Use

The Agilent facility at which the 1220 Infinity II LC System (G4294B) is manufactured utilizes a large photovoltaic system to support and offset electricity from the grid. The average capacity of the system is approximately 250 kWh per year.

Responsible Chemical Management

Agilent has implemented policies and procedures internally and within its supply chain, following the General Specification for the Environment (GSE), to understand and communicate to the market on any hazardous chemistries. Further, Agilent's manufacturing facility is ISO 14001 certified and the 1220 Infinity II LC System (G4294B) is EU RoHS compliant.

Shipping Impact

Agilent's 1220 Infinity II LC System (G4294B) is manufactured in Waldbronn, Germany. US customers are serviced via Agilent's distribution center in Memphis, TN.

Product Content

The Agilent 1220 Infinity II System (G4294B) was dematerialized relatived to the 1260 Infinity II System by over 25% by weight.

Packaging Content

The corrugated board material used to package the Agilent 1220 Infinity II System (G4294B) contains almost 50% of recycled fiber material.

Energy Consumption

The Agilent 1220 Infinity II LC System (G4294B) consumes approximately 2.1 kWh per day. The system was tested using the following parameters:

  • Sample: readily commercially available sample (e.g. RRLC mix)
  • 1220 Gradient
  • Column: 4.6 x 150 mm, 2.7 µm
  • Mobile phases: water and acetonitrile
  • Gradient: 20% at 0 minute, 90% at 10 minutes
  • Stop time: 20 minutes
  • Post time: 2 minutes
  • Flow rate: 1.5 mL/min (avg. pressure 230 bar 170/290)
  • Injection volume: 5 µL
  • Sample thermostat: N/A
  • Column temperature: 40 Grad.
  • UV detector: 280 nm (ref. off)
  • Peak width: > 0.05 minute (1 second response time; 5 Hz)

Water Consumption

Although water is essential for most applications as the mobile-phase for separation, the 1220 Infinity II LC System (G4294B) does not require water to function.

Lifetime Rating

The Agilent Value Promise guarantees that the Agilent 1220 Infinity II LC System (G4294B) will last at least 10 years during its use phase.

Packaging End-of-Life

The 1220 Infinity II LC System (G4294B) packaging materials includes cardboard, polyethylene, and polypropylene. In the US, the cardboard is readily recyclable; however, the infrastructure and market for recycling polypropylene and polyethylene is still being developed. In the UK, and select EU counties, Agilent participates in Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes to support the responsible management of packaging at its end-of-life. In the remaining EU countries, the cardboard is readily recyclable while the plastic materials are either recycled or incinerated via a waste-to-energy recovery process.

Product End-of-Life

Agilent offers an active take-back / refurbishment program for the 1220 Infinity II LC System (G4294B) in EU and US.

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