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ZORBAX Semi-Preparative Guard Column Hardware

ZORBAX Semi-Preparative Guard Column Hardware

The ZORBAX Semi-Preparative Guard Column Kit provides convenient cost-effective protection for high performance lab-scale semi-preparative columns. The cartridge components assemble quickly and easily to provide a high efficiency low-dead-volume column that seals at pressures up to 2000 psi (135 bar, 13.5 MPa). The PPS polymeric guard-column tubing is more solvent-resistant than PEEK and is specifically engineered to make leak-tight seals against metal surfaces, without requiring gaskets. The reusable guard-column end fittings adapt the cartridge guard column for connection to standard 1/16 in LC fittings and provide a stand-alone guard-column system. The cartridges are available with ZORBAX and ZORBAX StableBond packings.

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