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NIST-certified cartridge

Flow Meter Cartridges are individually factory calibrated and can easily be replaced with a new cartridge without returning the Flow Meter to Agilent. This eliminates the hassle and downtime associated with maintaining the calibration of an instrument that would normally need to be sent to an outside facility for calibration on a yearly basis.

The cartridge calibration is valid for a period of one year from its first use. A new, calibrated cartridge can be ordered in advance, and then installed when necessary.

CAUTION: The measurement calibration can be affected if the instrument is exposed to temperatures above 50 °C for extended periods of time. Please inspect the temperature label attached to the inside of cartridge packaging to verify that your cartridge has not been damaged in shipment. A grey circle is acceptable, a black circle indicates that the cartridge may have been exposed to an extreme temperature.

Please contact Agilent Technical Support if your cartridge is delivered with a temperature indicator that is black.

Common Questions about flow cartridge:

When I purchase the Flowmeter does it come with a flow cartridge ?
Yes, the replacement cartridge is not needed at time of purchase unless an extra cartridge is wanted as a spare.

Does the cartridge have a shelf life?
The recommended shelf life is one year plus one additional year of use. The box it ships in has a temperature sticker stating if the cartridge is stored at a temperature above 130 F that could damage the components.

Is the calibration start date of the flowmeter what is listed electronically inside the flowmeter or is it what is listed on the calibration certificate shipped with the flow module? 
It is what is listed electronically inside of the flowmeter.

How do we justify  calibration certificate date  with our auditors when they ask us for our calibration certificate?
The flow cell calibration is valid for one year after installation. If the customer is unable to follow this guideline due to their local procedures, they will need to replace the cartridge based on the calibration certificate date rather than the Agilent recommended date provided on the screen.

How many points are on the Certificate of Calibration?
The unit is calibrated using 12 points and verified at 14 flow rates, which are shown on the certificate. The verification points are: 0,0.5,1.0,5.0,10,50,100,300,400,500,601,700,750 ml/min.

What do I do with the spare cartridge after it is out of calibration?
The consumed cartridge can be disposed of per your local requirements for electronic waste.  A new cartridge can be ordered online (Order Flow Cartridge)