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ZORBAX StableBond

ZORBAX StableBond

ZORBAX 80Å StableBond columns are made using bulky, patented, unique silanes that sterically protect the siloxane bond. Acid labile endcapping reagents are not used. The result is vastly improved column life and extraordinary chemical and temperature stability in the pH 1–6 range for a wide variety of phases (SB-Aq, SB-C3, SB-CN, SB-Phenyl, SB-C8, and SB-C18). Excellent peak shape is expected for many basic compounds because of the ultrapure Rx-SIL support.

ZORBAX SB-Aq is an HPLC alkyl reversed-phase bonded phase designed to retain hydrophilic and other compounds when using highly aqueous mobile phases, including 100% water. The SB-Aq surface chemistry is designed to allow the alkyl phase to remain fully accessible in highly aqueous mobile phases, preventing "phase collapse.” Because of this, separations on SB-Aq are reproducible from run to run over long column lifetimes. By contrast, many conventional C18 columns—and even some columns with claimed aqueous compatibility—may exhibit phase collapse, and thus show reduced retention or selectivity changes over time, leading to irreproducible results.

StableBond columns are available in 1.8, 3.5, 5 and 7 μm particle sizes for high speed, high resolution, analytical and prep scale separations.

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