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RPE Conjugates

RPE Conjugates

R-Phycoerythrin (RPE) conjugates are used in flow cytometry, immunoassays, MHC tetramer assays and bead-based assays. RPE is a highly absorptive fluorescent molecule that has excellent detectability. It is the fluorochrome of choice when the brightest signal is needed and is therefore used most often when high sensitivity is essential for detectability and/or accuracy. Conventional conjugation techniques will not alter the spectral characteristics of this product. Using our highly purified Agilent RPE (formerly ProZyme), we manufacture a variety of RPE conjugates for different applications. Among these are several different conjugates of RPE and streptavidin, which have different properties that make them especially suitable for one application or another (for instance, the optimal conjugates for bead-based assays are not usually the same as the optimal conjugates for MHC tetramer assays). We also offer conjugation kits and SMCC-activated RPE for simplified conjugation to antibodies and other thiol-containing proteins of interest.

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